• Conceptualization
  • Guide to Digital Text
  • Prototyping
  • Interface Design
  • Web Design
  • Technical Support

Breaking Chains: The Pursuit of Clean Finance”

StopML, an initiative by RSIL and funded by ABA-ROLI, aims to illuminate the dark corners of money laundering in Pakistan. Through stakeholder consultations and capacity building, the project empowers industries to understand and meet legal requirements, fortifying Pakistan’s defenses against money laundering.

What We Delivered

For the StopML initiative, we began with conceptualizing a digital platform that would effectively raise awareness about money laundering. We created a comprehensive digital text guide, laying the groundwork for understanding this complex issue. Our team developed prototypes and designed an intuitive interface to ensure a user-friendly experience. We also crafted a web design that was both visually appealing and informative. Post-launch, we provided technical support to ensure the smooth operation and accessibility of the platform.

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